18 November 2021

Budapest continues developing its microMobility points network.

Fig. Budapest’s micromobility points network

The BKK Centre for Budapest Transport is currently developing a citywide framework for regulating shared micromobility, aligning its principles with the local municipalities and the shared mobility service provider companies. Several workshops were held on the topic, with some more to follow in the coming months. In the last month the BKK agreed with the local districts in the city centre about the development of the microMobility Points.

The installation of a hundred micromobility points is already approved, and several hundred more potential micromobility points are currently being planned in the central districts. The first installed micromobility points are expected to pop up until the end of 2021, with potentially hundreds more to follow during 2022. The micromobility points will also act as a platform for popularizing micromobility as a viable transport alternative for more and more citizens.