28 February 2020

Defining future mobility scenarios: Some takeaways from the SPROUT local workshop in Padua

The SPROUT project aims to prepare the cities for the mobility of the future. To this end, in partner cities workshops have been organised to build future urban mobility scenarios according to main local stakeholder.

In Padua, the workshop organised by the city together with the Venice International University took place on January 21th 2020, involving the municipality (administration, public transport office, public work office), the local police, representatives from academic institutions and several private companies dealing with urban mobility, new mobility services and logistics.

The results of the workshop highlight an increasing public budget allocated to infrastructures and new green technologies, following the increasing environmental consciousness of the population. The city is prepared to face the future challenges: the introduction of new technologies and the expected changing of retail and mobility due to the growth of e-commerce and sharing economy in an even more large and interconnected area including suburbs and neighbourhoods.