SPROUT will participate in the POLIS and TRA conferences in November

14-30 November 2022 Lisbon - Portugal, Brussels - Belgium

The SPROUT project will be present at two key conferences in the field of urban mobility, the TRA conference in Lisbon, Portugal from 14 to 17 November and the POLIS conference in Brussels, Belgium from 30 November to 1st December. From special and technical sessions to real-life demos, SPROUT will make its way through two of the most relevant conferences in transportation carrying the flag of city-led policy making to harness the emerging innovative mobility solutions.

SPROUT at POLIS conference:

  • Parallel session 2A. Shifting priorities: Reallocating urban space for active travel  
    • Tel-Aviv light rail project: Re-allocating the public sphere: Batel Eshkol, Tel Aviv municipality & Ebtihal Sheety, Technion.
  • Parallel session 3B. Traffic signal innovations
    • Identifying and prioritising vulnerable road users’ safety at signalised intersections in Tel Aviv: Ebtihal Sheety & Ilya Finkelberg, Technion.
  • Parallel session 4H. Being smart for real
    • SPROUT Innovation Toolbox for New Mobility Solutions: Frederic Rudolph, Wuppertal Institute
  • SPROUT stand: Get to know our project at a dedicated stand!