29 April 2021

Experimenting with scenario-building narratives to integrate land use and transport

The paper titled “Experimenting with scenario-building narratives to integrate land use and transport”, published in Transport Policy (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.tranpol.2020.11.012), followed a methodology inspired by the one used in SPROUT for the construction of the pilot cities’ scenarios. Different future narratives were constructed based on some “drivers” of change (Task 2.1 – Urban Mobility transition inventory) and through a process of interviews. These narratives described the future of transport, mobility, and land use in 2050. They were used in several collaborative workshops in which policy makers, transport and urban planners, and members from the public were involved, in a similar way to the one used in the SPROUT Open Innovation Community (Task 8.1 – Open Innovation Community on Urban Mobility Policy).

Collaborative workshops

The objective of these workshops was the spatial representation of the scenarios, reflecting changes in land uses and transport infrastructures in a collaborative environment. The dynamics of interaction followed in the different workshops were analysed to distil the factors that influenced the participants when making decisions for the construction of the scenarios.