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SPROUT Open Innovation Community on Urban Mobility Policy

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The Open Innovation Community is an online platform, open to all the stakeholders who wish to contribute to the debate on the policy requirements of emerging mobility solutions and to validate the results of the SPROUT pilot cities.

The Open Innovation Community is hosted in the European Transport and Mobility Forum, as the Working Group 4 – SPROUT OIC Policy response to Transition

Periodic online forums to present and discuss ideas on emerging urban mobility patterns will allow reflection and brainstorming to check solutions and validate the project results.

If you or your organization wish to become a member of the Open Innovation Community and contribute to the discussion on the future of urban mobility and to the validation of pilot cities’ experience, click the button above and you will receive detailed information on how to subscribe to the OIC.

Added value

The Open Innovation Community aims to bring an added value to stakeholders participating by:

  • Explicitly focusing on urban transport policy issues and on the policy response needed in order to face emerging mobility solutions;
  • Actively involving international members, bringing together relevant insights from EU, the US and China
  • Operating both through regular online meetings and with events, enabling a flexible and effective way of addressing emerging challenges.

The emphasis will be on sourcing interesting knowledge from the community members and on promoting different assets of SPROUT, as outcome of different Work Packages.

In return, the project will provide the OIC members with new insights to adequately address the changes underway in the current urban mobility environment. That means additional knowledge about the transition taking place in passenger and freight urban mobility, as well as the identification, monitoring, and deployment of innovative urban transport-related solutions.

OIC Discussion Hubs

The discussion of the Open Innovation Community is organised in several hubs.

They are online forums allowing experts to interact and exchange ideas on specific questions or issues, with the ultimate purpose of validating and possibly replicating the solutions produced by the SPROUT pilot cities.

Each year, at least 2 or 3 discussions will be initiated within the online community hubs and actively moderated by SPROUT partners.

Understanding transition in urban mobility

What is the current state of urban mobility? Which are the main drivers of the urban mobility transition?

Click here to access the discussion hub.

Determining the impacts of emerging urban mobility environments

How is the urban mobility environment expected to evolve in the future? Which are the expected sustainability & policy impacts of this evolution, if the existing urban policies remain unchanged?

SPROUT Pilot Cities’ impact assessment and policy response

Which are the impacts on sustainability and on urban policy of the emerging urban transport solutions tested in the cities? Which are the policy required to harness the impacts of emerging urban mobility solutions in the cities?

City-led innovative policy response

What should be the policy response at a European level, to the emerging urban mobility trends? How can urban mobility innovators overcome regulatory obstacles?

Cities policy making capacity

In which areas do cities need to build capacity in order to deploy innovative urban mobility solutions? Which are the approaches and tools that can assist cities’ policy making capacity?

European and international Future Mobility Policy

How can project experiences enrich EU policies on urban mobility? Which are the common issues and which are the differences in terms of the challenges faced in urban mobility policy making in the EU, the US and China?