Tel Aviv Yafo Municipality

Tel Aviv Yafo Municipality


Tel Aviv- Yafo is the second largest city in Israel and has the largest metropolitan area. It is a rapidly growing city in the midst of an exciting transition from medium-sized urban center to bustling international metropolis.

Situated on the Mediterranean coastline, Tel Aviv -Yafo is a city of around 426,000 residents spread over an area of 52 km² and a source of employment for over 443,900 (11% of Israel’s workforce).

The Tel Aviv Metropolitan covers area size of 1,519 km² with a population of over 3.9 million people.

As a major transportation hub, the city is served by a comprehensive public transport network, with many of the major national transportation network routes running through the city.

The city comprises 850 km of roads, with 440 traffic-lighted intersections and over 130 km of bicycle paths. Each day approximately 650,000 cars and 1 million people enter the city.

17% of the entrances to the city are by bus which is the most common form of public transport, having 52 km of designated public transportation lanes and 9 terminals.