03 March 2020

Pilot city Tel-Aviv organised its first workshop: How will SPROUT drivers impact on the city’s mobility measures?

The first SPROUT workshop in Tel-Aviv took place on 14 January 2020.

It included a panel of transport & planning experts from the public and the private sector. Among them: Tel-Aviv municipality (traffic division, strategic planning), the District Planning & Building committee, Ayalon Highways, and the Technion (academia).

The aim of the workshop was to analyze how the ten main implementation measures outlined in Tel-Aviv’s recent mobility plan may be affected by the projected trends/drivers, which the SPROUT project has been analysing.

As a result of the discussion, the experts panel reached interesting conclusions that revealed the varying degrees in which each of the twelves trends/drivers identified by SPROUT may influence each of the ten mobility measures.

This analysis will allows Tel-Aviv city authorities to better understand where obstacles may lie ahead and where efforts should be directed concerning urban sustainable mobility measures.