13 November 2020

Policy responses to mobility innovation: A SPROUT-GECKO dialogue

Although the current pandemic has resulted in a lack of conferences and fora to present project activities, SPROUT has not missed the opportunity to join the debate on the future of urban mobility and joined several online events and webinars during the course of the year.

The most recent one has been the webinar organised by POLIS in the context of its series Mobilising Mobility: Turning EU research into local action. It took place on 8 October 2020 and focused on the topic of Designing policy responses to mobility innovation.

SPROUT project coordinator Maria Teresa de la Cruz (ZLC) and technical partner Sara Tori (VUB) presented the results of the process undertaken by SPROUT together with its pilot cities, in which city-specific future mobility scenarios for the SPROUT pilots were co-created together with local stakeholders.

This presentation was followed by an interactive panel with GECKO representatives, which focused on how the design of new policy responses and governance models can support cities to navigate the transition in urban mobility and make innovation work for all type of users.

You can watch the recording of the webinar here.