D6.2: Evidence-based early policy alert & action tracking

The general scope of Task 6.2 is to help cities recognize the vulnerable points of their urban mobility system and then, keep monitoring their progress towards specific policy goals through an evidence-based approach. In this context, there are five major objectives related to this task:

• Set the lower threshold of liveability elements and sub-elements of a city’s innovative
urban mobility ecosystem,
• Identify the weak liveability elements and sub-elements of each city,
• Define and describe the different types of cities based on their Innovation Readiness
and Liveability score,
• Categorize cities into different environmental states based on their performance in the
liveability pillar,
• Build an Action Tracker that will inspect specific KPIs/transportation metrics to assess
the progress of the city to reach specific policy goals.

Regarding the action tracker, this document develops a metric to express urban mobility policy goals and objectives in the form of indicators. The sum and aggregation of these indicators constitute the action tracker. The action tracker is developed as part of the SPROUT, as the project develops policy responses to address the impacts of innovations. Such emerge from new mobility patterns, digitally enabled operating & business models, and transport users’ needs.

This report is currently pending EC’s approval