D7.1 SUMP-based policy response

The overall objective of this deliverable is to build a SUMP-based policy response on twodifferent levels: i) the city level and ii) the EU SUMP Guidelines level. Towards this scope, Task’s 7.1 main objectives can be summarized in the following points:

• Capture the current status of the 1st and 2nd layer SPROUT cities, by aggregating the
knowledge from the do-nothing scenarios’ sustainability impact assessment, the pilot
implementation and the results from employing the SPROUT tools

• Exploit the consolidated knowledge from the project and make revision recommendations
for each 1st and 2nd layer city’s SUMP and then validate and enhance them with the city

• Generalize the previously mentioned statements for the cities and propose revisions of the
EU SUMP Guidelines for better-integrating topics on emerging innovative mobility solutions

This report is currently pending EC’s approval.