SPROUT e-courses

With the aim to support cities in their policy making capacity, SPROUT has produced three e-learning courses. The following e-courses are accessible here and via the SPROUT toolbox.

eLearning course on early policy alert & action tracking

This e-learning course introduces the tools that have been developed in the SPROUT project to understand cities’ readiness to harness the impacts of the urban mobility transition.

The course targets anyone (e.g., city officials, decision-makers, and civil society) who wants to understand how a city can achieve a successful city-led innovation/innovative policy response.

In more detail, the course explores the ecosystem elements approach, the Innovation Readiness Assessment tool, the Liveability Assessment Tool, the Urban Policy Action Tracker, and the SPROUT toolbox.

eLearning course on policy design, coalition & governance

In this course, you will learn more about the role of cities in the urban mobility transition. The course introduces the concept of the urban mobility transition and explores the methods of pilot projects and living labs as strategies to navigate the mobility transition. It provides first-hand insights into the policy responses of SPROUT cities dealing with innovative mobility solutions.

Data-driven approach to SUMP

With help and contributions from a number of CIVITAS projects, CIVITAS ELEVATE has developed e-courses for urban transport professionals on a diversity of topics connected to sustainable urban mobility planning. The e-courses have been designed to enhance capacities among mobility professionals, helping them work more effectively and generate greater impacts with their urban mobility projects.

Course participants will learn about the projects that informed each course, their results, how to apply these results to their work, and further practical applications. The e-courses can be followed online individually, and at a learner’s own pace. There are no group assignments or live elements.

SPROUT has contributed to the course on Data-driven approaches to sustainable urban mobility planning. This course introduces participants to tools developed by the HARMONY, MOMEMTUM and SPROUT projects to enable local leaders to take data-driven approaches to sustainable urban mobility planning.