INIDIMO and SPROUT held joint webinar on inclusive smart lockers!

On 2 February, the INDIMO and SPROUT projects held a joint webinar, where both projects shared their research results and explored synergies and possibilities on how the SPROUT pilot cities can make use of the INDIMO tools. The webinar specifically discussed the pilot use cases of Emilia-Romagna (INDIMO) and Valencia (SPROUT), both based on the installation of e-lockers, and explored how they could benefit from each other by analyzing their key stakeholders, challenges, barriers, drivers, benefits, differences, and commonalities.

The second part of the event continued with a panel discussion session, which included interactive questions for engaging the audience. During the panel, both use cases’ representatives discussed how smart delivery lockers can be more accessible and inclusive, and what it is needed from policy makers to support the deployment of innovative solutions that are also inclusive. The webinar ended with a Q&A session and an invitation to join our INDIMO 2nd year public event.


Introduction to the INDIMO project – Imre Keseru, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Introduction to the SPROUT project – Maria Teresa de la Cruz, Zaragoza Logistics Company

SPROUT Valencia pilot – Carolina Navarro, Valenciaport Foundation.

INDIMO Emilia-Romagna pilot – Eleonora Tu, Institute for Transport and Logistics (ITL).