SPROUT Toolbox

The SPROUT toolbox is a website that provides a step-by-step guidance for cities to follow the SPROUT approach to test and respond to innovative mobility solutions. The toolbox provides practical guidance to city officials steering the mobility transitions that cities face.

The SPROUT toolbox provides tools, methods and data that cities can use to steer the mobility transition and harness its positive impacts. The toolbox is structured into the following sections:

  • Understand Innovation in Urban Mobility Ecosystems, including the Ecosystem framework, the innovation readiness tool, and the liveability assessment.
  • Foresee through scenarios, which includes step-by-step guidance for conducting scenario processes and tools that were used.
  • Integrate Mobility Innovations through Pilots which presents the pilots’ Evaluation Framework, the sustainability assessment tool, and the cost-based assessment tool.
  • Respond through Policy Measures and Packages, containing the policy responses from a selection of SPROUT Pilots
  • The Tool Repository which gives direct access to the tools that have been developed and / or used during the SPROUT project as well as relevant tools from different sources, such as other projects.
  • The SPROUT data space which contains data from pilot cities and follower cities that have been collected during the project.

The SPROUT Toolbox can be found at:

SPROUT toolbox: http://sprouttoolbox.nuacampus.org/