05 March 2020

Scenarios for urban mobility development in the City of Kalisz

The first Kalisz SPROUT workshop was organised by the Lukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Logistics and Warehousing – in cooperation with the City Hall of Kalisz to discuss the development of urban mobility in the city, current mobility innovations and possible future developments. A panel of 16 experts participated, including representatives of administration (e.g. Regional Chamber of Commerce in Kalisz, Municipal Road and Communication Board), business (Food Cluster of Southern Greater Poland, Management representative from a nationwide convenience store chain), social and non-governmental organizations (Kalisz Senior Council, Kalisz Business Incubator), and several companies dealing with urban mobility and logistics (Kalisz Bus Lines, Road and Street Lighting Ltd.).

The workshop aimed to analyse and forecast the mobility transition in the city that is driven by specific drivers and trends. 17 drivers, that were selected as “very important” or “extremely important” for the local mobility situation, were discussed. Particular attention was dedicated to:

  • Tax policy
  • New business models
  • Economic growth and crisis
  • Demographic composition
  • Electrification of mobility
  • Transformation of retail.

The main question asked to the participants was: How can these factors affect urban mobility in the City of Kalisz in the 2025 and 2030 perspective?

Thanks to the diversity of stakeholders, a discussion resulted in an interesting and lively exchange of different points of view. The scenarios that were identified allowed to look at the future of urban mobility from several perspectives. The meeting was also an opportunity to exchange views on the specific needs and expectations of individual representatives in relation to urban mobility.