08 November 2022

SPROUT consortium meets in Valencia and hosts OIC meeting with project stakeholders

On 27 and 28 September SPROUT partners gathered at the Fundación Valenciaport in Valencia, Spain for their first on-site meeting since 2019. After 3 years of online meetings, partners had the chance to present the latest project results and discuss the remaining tasks before the end of the project in February 2023.

On day one, presentations on recently achieved project milestones focused on WP5’s activities, specifically on the transferability assessment carried out between SPROUT pilot cities and SPROUT validation cities, the urban policy system dynamics model, and SPROUT’s city-led innovative policy response, which reported on the main outcomes of WP5’s activities.

After presenting WP5’s activities, day one ended with the consortium discussing progress in WP6’s activities, focusing on SPROUT tools to build cities’ policy-making capacities. Project partners Wuppertal Institute and CERTH presented the progress on the urban mobility shared data space, the evidence-based early policy alert & action tracking, and Urban policy toolbox.

The second day of the SPROUT consortium meeting started with a site visit to Valencia pilot’s mobility measures, the smart lockers at the Valencia metro stations and the bike parking next to main transportation hubs. SPROUT Valencia partners, Valencia city hall and Fundación Valenciaport, presented the results of the mobility measures’ implementation, highlighting the positive feedback and also the elements to be improved.

Smart locker at Valencia’s Colón metro station

The second day ended with an overview of the activities foreseen in WP7, navigating future policy, by project partners CERTH and Wuppertal Institute.

SPROUT hosted its 3rd OIC clinic with project stakeholders

In the afternoon of day one, the 3rd OIC clinic took place, with a diverse group of project stakeholders.

WP5 activities, specifically the SPROUT city-led innovative policy responses formulated to harness the impact of innovative mobility measures, were presented for validation to the project stakeholders, together with SPROUT follower cities.

SPROUT 3rd OIC clinic