29 January 2021

SPROUT features on the January issue of the Open Access Government magazine

An interview with Teresa de la Cruz (ZLC) and Georgia Ayfandopoulou (CERTH) on SPROUT and its ambition to contribute to more sustainable and liveable cities.

The SPROUT project had the chance to present its vision and objectives, thanks to an interview conducted by the Open Access Government magazine with the project coordinator Teresa de la Cruz (Zaragoza Logistics Centre) and the SPROUT technical coordinator Georgia Ayfandopoulou (CERTH).

The activities and the ambition of the project were outlined: SPROUT does not only promote the implementation and the use of sustainable mobility solutions in pilot cities, but it also aims at accelerating the impacts of these solutions, thereby creating a validated “SPROUT city-policy response” that can be applicable by a wide range of cities with different characteristics and needs.

Teresa and Georgia showcased how different types of sustainable mobility solutions, focused on both passenger and freight transport, are being experimented by the pilot cities. The results of these pilots are validated and enriched by a second group of cities, called validation cities. The three layer-city structure by SPROUT is completed by a third group of associated cities, which also receive regularly the results of the project and provides feedback.

The solutions tested by SPROUT aim to contribute to the EU goals of climate neutrality by 2050, and to maximise impacts of sustainable mobility policies in cities in Europe and beyond, by fostering the adoption of innovative mobility solutions.

Read the whole interview here (p.330): https://bit.ly/2YbVF1h