14 May 2020

A SPROUT review on the current status of mobility in its pilot and validation cities

The SPROUT project has released a report providing a general overview of the current status of urban mobility in the pilot and validation cities participating in the project.

This report presents data for 14 cities in Europe, and Minneapolis in the United States, on the basis of the attributes of urban mobility that were identified as relevant by the SPROUT cities in a previous assessment, which had led to the creation of an urban mobility transition inventory. Such catalogue of atttributes includes specific Key Performance Indicators, drivers, and stakeholders whose identification is essential in order to construct city-specific scenarios that illustrate the urban mobility transition in these cities. It also enables the possibility of making cross-city comparisons among the cities involved in the exercise.

This work is part and parcel of the SPROUT approach aimed at understanding and navigating transition in urban mobility, as well as at the definition of the possible impacts this transition has at sustainability and policy levels. Not only it represents the basis for the construction of future city-specific scenarios for urban mobility, but it also sets the scene for the monitoring of the pilot projects that the SPROUT cities will implement.

The collection of data proposed by the urban mobility transition inventory – for five areas of urban mobility – has proved to be challenging in many of the cities, especially with respect to the aspects related to urban logistics. Furthermore, the analysis had revealed very large differences among all themes, making it difficult to identify thematic clusters of cities.

To read the full SPROUT report about Current state of urban mobility in SPROUT cities, click here.