09 November 2022

SPROUT shared data space and early policy alert & action tracker

Sprout has recently finalised its urban mobility shared data space and its evidence-based early policy alert & action tracker. Both will be part of the Sprout toolbox platform, soon.

The data space collects and sorts quantitative and qualitative (raw) data, which are relevant for the Sprout tools. Some of the data are used to calculate relevant indicators, which are in turn used by one of the SPROUT tools. By applying these tools, the user will receive crucial knowledge for their decision-making processes to guide mobility transitions sustainably.

One of the Sprout tools is its action tracker. The action tracker aims to support cities in assessing their progress towards achieving specific policy goals. The tracker provides a comparison with peer cities or – where feasible – politically defined benchmarks. It allows cities to track their progress in supporting and steering the urban mobility transition to understand in which areas they are forerunners, and where more decisive action is required.

The feasibility of the action tracker’s indicators was determined through a test run based on data from SPROUT 1st and 2nd layer cities. Their data set was used to assess relevance, data availability and clarity. The SPROUT action tracker will be kept on the SROUT toolbox platform long term, and cities from all over the world are invited to apply the tool. The action tracker will become a benchmarking tool to compare cities among peers.