23 February 2023

SPROUT was present at the 2023 TRB annual meeting in Washington D.C.

The SPROUT project was present at the 2023 TRB conference in Washington DC, United States from 8 to 12 January 2023 in a session titled “Transitioning to Innovative and Sustainable City Logistics: Best Practices and Tools for Guiding Transition.

About the session: City planners and logistic industry actors are facing new challenges for managing increased demand and reducing the negative impacts (pollution, urban space) of last-mile operations. An efficient transition to smart and zero pollution city logistic solutions requires support for cities to embrace and accelerate innovation through dedicated policies capable of maximizing impact and scaling emerging solutions. SPROUT’s session presented best practices for innovative last-mile urban mobility from European, US and international partners and discussed methods and tools to help stakeholders create and implement city-led and industry-led innovation for city logistics to scale these solutions to achieve sustainable urban logistics in cities. Discover SPROUT’s speakers here: Online Program Event (mytrb.org)Check SPROUT session’s dissemination flyer here: