16 May 2022

SPTOUT featured at POLIS-ALICE webinar series ‘Tackling the Urban Freight Challenge’

In April the SPROUT project, represented by the city of Padua and the Venice International University, featured their Next transport system (autonomous cargo-hitching pods) at the first edition of the POLIS-ALICE webinar series on urban freight to address the topic of combining freight and passenger transport into one integrated system.

To help cities and regions navigate this issue, POLIS’ Urban Freight Working Group joined forced with the European Technology Platform (ALICE) to explore the challenges faced and the solutions being found.

The POLIS-ALICE partnership seeks to forge synergies between projects, initiatives, cities-regions and companies to accelerate innovation. As a result, the meeting heard from outcomes of current projects working on this topic, exploring potential for scalability and transferability.

The webinar featured the SPROUT and MOVE 21 projects, as well as logistics practitioners and public transport operators, who discussed current practices, R&I, thus identifying barriers to progress and providing insight into avenues for action.