30 April 2021

Tel Aviv’s accessibility forum

On April 6, 2021, an accessibility forum was initiated by Meital Lehavi, Deputy Mayor for Transportation at Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality. Participants attending the forum included policymakers, transport stakeholders, senior officials from organizations of people with various disabilities, people with disabilities, and public transportation operators.

The outcomes of one of SPROUT’s use cases demonstrated in TLV, “Identifying and prioritizing the safety of vulnerable road users at signalized intersections,” were reported by Dr. Ayelet Galtzur from the Technion.

Using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, vulnerable pedestrians who begin to cross the crossing towards the end of the green light are identified, and the green light is extended so that they cross safely without drastically affecting the traffic flow at the intersection.

The pilot spurred great interest among the forum participants and generated questions about the possibilities for future integration in intersections across the city and expanding the capabilities to recognize and support other types of vulnerabilities.

Link to the Forum:https://www.facebook.com/171506896314198/videos/153720949980669