28 February 2023

The city of Arad held a workshop to implement lessons learnt from SPROUT

SPROUT final workshop in Arad, Romania.

SPROUT follower city Arad (Romania) held a final workshop back-to-back with the SPROUT final conference, where lessons learnt from the SPROUT pilot cities were analysed and included in the city’s strategy for supporting its SUMP for the period 2021-2027 and beyond. Specifically, the city focused on the insights obtained from following and then validating the implementation of the SPROUT pilots in the cities of Budapest and Valencia.

Arad’s interest in the new mobility measures tested in SPROUT reflected on its plans for the development of the pedestrian area in the center, which took as example the interventions tested in Budapest to reallocate the urban space. The city also focused on the secure bicycle parking model next to intermodal transport nodes tested in Valencia, which aligns with the city’s ambition of a modal shift towards more sustainable modes of transport.