18 October 2021

The city of Padua starts trials of its “Next” transport system.

The “Next” transport system is an innovative and advanced transport system for the transport of people and goods consisting of electrically-powered modular vehicles able to travel individually or as a single train, which does not require dedicated infrastructures, and is able to adapt to changes in demand. Each module can join and detach with other modules on standard city roads. When joined, a bus-like vehicle is created by modules. The modules can move autonomously on regular roads, join themselves and detach even when in motion.

The mobility solution tested at urban level consists of innovative vehicles (single pod system and double pod system) and business models based on cutting-edge technologies carrying both passenger and freight (cargo hitching). The innovation of the modular system makes it possible to maintain city traffic and improve the impact of transport, with a positive impact in terms of reducing costs and waiting times.

The tests are based on the road testing of the Next system. The selected site is located in Longhin Street in Padua. This is a road located at the core of the service/commercial main district in Padua. After having obtained the necessary authorizations for the road circulation, a reserved lane has been set up on a predetermined route (Longhin street). This allows to minimize interference risks with traffic and carry out the test with the maximum safety. 

Trials are fundamental to assess the technical feasibility of the new mobility solution. In the first part of the trials, activities are aimed to assess mainly the technical performance and feasibility of the NEXT system (single pod). A range of “technical” features, for a single pod have been measuring and assessing travel times, distances, speed, and consumption with different operating conditions. During the month of October the assessment of technical feasibility is going to be focused on the operation of a two-pods system.

Padua Municipality participates in the project as a partner of the VIU -Venice International University and initiative is made possible by the contribution of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo (Fondazione Cariparo).Trials are performed by the joint-venture of innovative start-ups Paradigma s.r.l. and GetPlus s.r.l.