31 January 2020

The SPROUT Open Innovation Community officially kicks off its activities

Its goal: involving urban mobility stakeholders in the definition of innovative urban mobility policy responses

The SPROUT project proudly announces the launch of the SPROUT Open Innovation Community (OIC) on Urban Mobility Policy.

The Open Innovation Community is an online platform, open to all the stakeholders who wish to contribute to the debate on the policy requirements of emerging mobility solutions and to validate the results of the SPROUT pilot cities.

Together with its 3-layer cities engagement and its international cooperation structure, the creation of the OIC is part and parcel of the innovative participatory approach adopted by SPROUT to help cities to navigate urban mobility in transition. It has been demonstrated in the context of previous projects that an effective stakeholder involvement methodology is key to the transferability and the implementation of innovative mobility measures. For this reason, SPROUT aims to involve stakeholders at all stages of the deployment of innovative solutions in pilot cities and of the definition of urban mobility policy responses.

In practice, the OIC targets a wide range of urban mobility stakeholders, such as: local policy makers and practitioners, economic operators, and researchers. It will do so by opening periodic online forums and by organising events to present and discuss ideas on emerging urban mobility patterns. This will allow reflection and brainstorming by expert communities to check innovative mobility solutions developed by the SPROUT pilot cities and validate the project results. In this way, it will serve also as an ideal sounding board and a disseminating tool to maximise SPROUT impacts.

In return, OIC members will receive new insights to adequately address the changes underway in the current urban mobility environment and the opportunity to identify and monitor innovative urban transport-related solutions.

The SPROUT Open Innovation Community is hosted in the European Transport and Mobility Forum, as the Working Group 4 – SPROUT OIC Policy response to Transition. The first discussion forum has been launched and it focuses on understanding the current state of urban mobility and the main drivers of its transition.

If you or your organization wish to become a member of the Open Innovation Community and contribute to the discussion on the future of urban mobility and to the validation of pilot cities’ experience, contact Polis (Maria José Rojo and Piero Valmassoi) and you will receive detailed information on how to subscribe to the OIC.

Finally, to ensure that the OIC will offer you tailored services, a brief questionnaire will contribute to target user needs and define in concrete terms expectations from your participation in the OIC and in SPROUT.