09 December 2019

The SPROUT project at CIVITAS Forum and at the Polis Conference 2019

Some takeaways from the project’s participation at two international mobility conferences

Full room for the presentation of SPROUT at the 2019 Polis Conference

Even though the SPROUT project is only in its first six months of lifetime, it has already featured in two of the most important international mobility conferences: the CIVITAS Forum conference held in Graz, Austria and the Polis Conference 2019, which took place in Brussels.

At the two events, it was Aristos Halatsis, from CERTH (Centre for research and Technology Hellas, who presented the SPROUT project.

A particular focus was dedicated to the SPROUT approach of putting cities at the centre of the urban mobility transition. Such approach translates in practice into the 3-layer city-structure cooperation, which will allow the development of an appropriate policy response to mobility disruptions, through city-specific solutions, but also through the validation of these solutions, in order to ensure their wider applicability.

At the Polis Conference on 28 November in Brussels, the first insights from the project were presented in the session about Smart cities: What do we talk when we talk about smart?

Drawing from the first exercise of collection of data about the current state of mobility in the SPROUT pilot and validation cities, it was possible to present the first drivers that were identified as having an influence in the transition of urban mobility. the main one identified so far are:

  • political agenda
  • urban structure
  • environmental consciousness
  • climate change & local environmental quality

The creation of a urban mobility transition inventory will be the first step of the SPROUT analysis on the current state of mobility in the pilot and validation cities. The analysis will feed the creation of city-specific future urban mobility scenarios.

The presentation by Aristos Halatsis at the two events can be found here.