18 February 2020

Valencia holds its first SPROUT workshop on future urban mobility scenarios

In the context of the definition of future city-specific urban mobility scenarios, SPROUT organized a local workshop, which took place in Valencia on the 5th of February, hosted in the facilities of the SPROUT partner Fundación Valenciaport. The aim of this workshop, organised by the SPROUT partners Ayuntamiento de Valencia, Fundación Valenciaport, and Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana, was to analyze and discuss the challenges of urban mobility in the city of Valencia.

The discussion of local future mobility scenarios in Valencia was attended by a wide representation of public and private sector entities, summoned by the city council of Valencia, and linked to urban mobility. The engagement of participants to the workshop in the proposed teamwork dynamics was very active.

Different factors, such as urban structure, environmental awareness, technological advances, demographic pattern or political agenda among others, were analysed, as they will have a major impact on the future urban mobility developments in the city of Valencia.